Daniel's Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project

The Great Spirit Path

The "Great Spirit Path" Sculpture

I go often running in Bedwell Bayfront Park and have often wondered, who dumped all the rocks in the park. One day I picked up a little brochure on the ground that explained "The Great Spirit Path" Sculpture.

I found out that the rock clusters were inspired by American Indian Pictographs and actually had a meaning. They were created by the local artistSusan C. Dunlapand describe a stone poem. I was very intruiged by the poem and little pictures of the rock clusters and found myself wandering the spirit path to look at each of the rock clusters. They are placed along a 3/4 mile long trail and composed of 892 rocks that weigh over 505 tons. It is the largest sculpture of its kind in the world.

The Great Spirit Path

Evening good
weather clear with stars
I walk with the wind behind me
inspired, with glad heart.

discover many animals,
grass, sun, canyons, and earth.
No hunger, war, no fear,
making peace and strong brothers.

Climb this way,
over mountain or hill.
Go in four directions -
up, down, close or far away,
to places hidden or bright,
under rain or cloud, night or day,
reaching to see
birds, plants, water and trees,
as you walk this trail and cross this path.

Rest here.
Talk here.
Flee your troubles to the sky
holding firm to harmony, virtue and peace,
barring evil,
strong with wisdom and healing,
reaching out with supplication
to the Great Spirit everywhere.

Susan C. Dunlap

Click on the following link to see photos & drawingsof each of the 53 rock clusters that are placed along the trail and make up The Great Spirit Path.