Daniel's Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project

The Great Spirit Path

Putting in the New Sign Posts

Finally - after 6 months of hard work preparing everything, getting approvals, raising funds, buying material, designing signs, making sign posts, getting volunteers - we put the sign posts into the ground. It was an amazing Labor Day weekend, where the volunteers worked a combined 201 hours just to set the posts. They dug holes, carried cement & water over the hill, carried the posts across the hill, cemented them in and cleared brush around the sculptures.

Many, many park visitors talked to us. They were surprised to learn that he rock clusters had a meaning. Several of them talked to us about the inspiration of the poem and its sculptures and one adult teared up when he read the poem and thanked us for doing this work. It was great to see how many people were moved in just one weekend by "The Great Spirit Path". Have a look at the pictures to see what the new sign posts look like. Now I just need to design the information board for the parking lot and raise enough money for buying it and my Eagle Scout project will be completed. But already now it is creating joy for other people.

The first load of sign posts goes to the park

The line of sign posts at the parking lot. They all need to be carried by volunteers across the hill to their locations


We carried 4250 lbs of cement

And we carried the water for mixing the cement

Digging holes and mixing cement

Checking whether the post is level on both sides

"Look I'm this strong!"

"Let's move to the next post"

Clearing brush around the sculpture

Unearthing part of the sculpture

Each signs shows the complete poem
and a sketch of the specific rock sculpture with its meaning

"Can you see the long line of posts? Did we really already do 41 of those?"

Finally we set the last post at sculpture #53. The rangers, Gary, Fran and Ray were incredibly supportive during the weekend. Thank you!

I could never have done this without the support of my family.
Thank you for being there for me!

The Information Board

In December 2010 I completed the design for the information board in the parking lot, and sent it to the City of Menlo Park for review. 

The City approved it and told me they installed an aluminum/plexi glas message board for me to use.  Wow! That saved me some work and money. Thank you to City of Menlo Park for all their support.


 Information Board