Daniel's Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project

The Great Spirit Path

Gear List

Since I have to carry everything for roughly 220 miles, I tried to think hard about what I really need to take on the trail. At the same time I tried to follow the Boy Scout motto "Be Prepared" and not leave something important at home. In the table below I'm listing everything I"m bringing, although I won't carry everything myself. My father and I share certain things (tent, cooker, GPS, etc.) and distribute these items between us. I highlight the ones he is carrying in yellow and don't count the given weight to my total. 

MyGear Weight
Items always worn 
Breathable T-ShirtMountain Hardwear Cliffer5.3
 Pants REI Sahara


 Underwear ExOfficio Boxers 3.65
 Socks Smartwool 3.35
 Sun Hat Sunday Afternoons 2.3
 Watch Times Ironman 1.2
 Sunglasses SunCloud King 0.85
 Hiking Poles Black Diamond Trail Shock Compact 21.3
 Hiking Boots REI Monarch 51.1
 Gaiters dropped them (saved 7 oz)
  6 lbs 4 oz
 Other Clothing  
 T-Shirt REI Lightweight MTS Crew 5.45
 Long Underpants REI Lightweight MTS Bottom 6.55
 Long Undershirt REI Lightweight MTS long sleeve 6.55
 Balaclava 1.65
 Down Sweater Marmot Zeus 14.75
 Rain Jacket Cabelas Poncho 8.2
 Rain Pants dropped them 
Gloves dropped them 
 2nd SocksSmartwool 3.4
 2nd Underwear ExOffcio Boxers 3.65
 Compression SackSea-to-Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack 4.1
   3 lbs 6 oz
 Backpack Kelty Yukon 2900 77
 Backpack Cover Garbage Bag 2.3
 Water Reservoir Platypus Hoser 2.0L Reservoir  (saves 5 oz) 3.75
   5 lbs 3 oz
 Sleep System  
 Tent Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 + Footprint 47.55
 Sleeping Pad ThermaRest ProLite Plus (saved 14 oz) 24
 Sleeping Bag Northface Cat's Meow +20 42.65
 Stuff Sack Sea-to-Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack 4.1
   4 lbs 7 oz
 Night Bag  
 Head Lamp Petzl Tikka Plus LED + 3 AAA 3.1
 Knife Swiss Army - small version (save 1 oz) 0.6
 Toilet Paper Coghlan's Toilet Paper 1.2
 Trowel Ezee (orange plastic) 1.8
 Mosquito Net Sea-to-Summit Head Net 1
 Stuff Sack  1.7
   9 oz
 Smellable Bag  
 1st Aid Kit Adventure Medical Kits UL 0.3 (saves 4 oz) 3.2
 Duct Tape On an old credit card 0.8
 Sun Screen Soleo Organics All Natural Sunscreen 2
 Lip Balm Aloe Gator Cherry Lipbalm 0.4
Insect Repellent REI 100% 3.05
Soap Sea-to-Summit Wilderness Wash 1.65
 Tooth Brush   0.25
 Towel REI Multi Towel Light Medium 1.95
 Stuffsack  2
    14 oz
 Water Treatment  
 Filter SteriPen Classic8.15
 Water Bottle Nalgene Widemouth 32 oz 4
 Pre-Filter SteriPen Pre-Filter 1
 Folding Bucket Sea-to-Summit Folding Bucket 10 l 3
 Water Bottle Aluminum 4 oz
 Stove Caldera Keg (Stove, bowls, windshield, spork) 6
 Matches REI 1
 Fuel Bottle Fuel Bottle 1
 Fishing Set March Brownsea Island 28.55
 Tippets, etc.  2
   1 lbs 14 oz
 Bear Canister Bearikade Expedition 37
 Maps Tom Harrison Maps 2.2
 Compass Suunto M3 1.65
 Money Cash, Credit Card, ID 1
 Journal Rite in the Rain Outdoor Journal 2.05
 Pen Fisher Space Pen 0.75
 Clothes Linedropped (saved 1 oz) 
 Rope PMI Utility Cord (50 ft) 3.4
 GPS Oregon 550 + Batteries 8.5
 Camera Canon Powershot 120IS + Pouch + Batteries 15
 Solar Charger PowerFilm USB+AA Charger + Carabiner 4.95
 AA Batteries 2 x Enelope rechargeable 1.8
   3lbs 10 oz

Total Base Weight
w/o worn items

 20 lbs 11 oz

Total Base Weight
with worn items

 26lbs 15 oz
 Consumables for 10 days 
 Food MTR to Whitney Portal (dropped 40 oz) 280
 Water  2 l Water (dropped 32 oz) 64
 Fuel Denatured Alcohol 16
   22 lbs 8 oz
Maximum Loaded Pack  43 lbs 3 oz
Maximum Weight
with worn items
49 lbs 7 oz