Daniel's Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project

The Great Spirit Path

Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project

My Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project is the culmination of many years in scouting. I started as a Tiger Cub in 2000 and have enjoyed scouting ever since.

In this project I will have to manage lots of things. Finding a worthy project, getting approvals from all involved parties, raising the necessary funds, motivating volunteers to help me with the required labor and organizing everything in general.       

Finding a Worthy Project

For the longest time I would use Bedwell Bayfront Park and not even know that the rock clusters in the park had a meaning. That is until I stumbled during orienteering practice in the park over a leaflet on the ground that showed a poem and drawings of the stone sculptures. I then walked along “The Great Spirit Path” and found several weathered markers with numbers that I could barely read. Most stone sculptures didn’t even have a marker. Here is a photo of one of the remaining markers as they look today.

I enjoyed the stone poem and was wondering why the markers were not maintained and thought how much better the experience would be, if each marker would have a sign that explains that part of the stone poem.

This thought stuck with me and eventually I proposed to replace all 53 markers to once again allow people to enjoy this gem right in the middle of Bedwell Bayfront Park. I also suggested to not just install markers with legible numbers, but also add a little (postcard size) sign that shows a drawing of the stone sculpture and the text it stands for.

By adding these signs to the markers people will be able to understand what they are looking at, even if they don’t have the brochure with the complete poem. It would raise their interest and they might just keep walking and look at one sculpture after the other.  

Getting Approvals

I presented my idea first to city staff. They directed me towards the Parks & Recreation Commission and to the Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park. I got a letter of support from the Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park and presented my idea to the commission. The commission voted on my project and all were in favor. Finally the City approved my Eagle Scout Project. I then also got approvals from our Scoutmaster and our Troop Committee Chair.

The park ranger met with me to discuss the details and gave approval for my design. He directed me in regard to materials to choose and gave me an idea of the cost per post.

Raising the Funds

I will walk the John Muir Trail from Yosemite to Mount Whitney to raise the necessary funds. $2,925 are needed to pay for 53 posts that each have a sign ($50 each) and an information board ($275) at the parking lot that.

Any amount will help. You can either send a check or pay via PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account for that - a credit card will also work).

To support me via check, please make it out to "Troop 109" and write in the memo "Daniel's Eagle Scout Project) and send it to the treasurer of Troop 109.

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