Daniel's Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project

The Great Spirit Path

Plan for July 24, 2010 - Tenaya Lake to Sunrise Lakes

For the first day I'm planning only a short hike to give everyone a chance to adapt to the elavation and to see how everyone feels. There will be plenty of time to fish for trout in the three Sunrise Lakes. In case there are no fish and everyone wants to keep going we can decide to keep going to Cathedral Lakes.

Plan for July 25 - Sunrise Lakes to Cathedral Lakes

On our second day we will cross Cathedral Pass. I plan this day also shorter with extra time for fishing at Cathedral Lakes.

Plan for July 26 - Cathedral Lakes to Lyell Fork

On three day we will pass through Tuolumne Meadows, where we will resupply at the post office. There is lots of downhill, so I plan this to be our first 10 miler day.

Plan for July 27 - Lyell Fork to Waugh Lake

On day 4 we will pass our second pass, Donohue Pass. By now we will hopefully be acclimated enough to have no issue with this 10 miler.

Plan for July 28 - Waugh Lake to Rosalie Lake

Day 5 brings another pass (Island Pass) and many lakes (Thousand Island Lake, Emerald Lake, Ruby Lake, Garnet Lake, Shadow Lake, Rosalie Lake). That will hopefully give us plenty of opportunity to catch our dinner

Plan for July 29 - Rosalie Lake to Red's Meadow

Day 6 brings us to Red's Meadow where we will resupply again. My brother and my stepmom will leave us here. From now on it will be only daddy and me. Let's see how this teenager will handle two weeks alone with dad.

Plan for July 30 - Red's Meadow to Duck Lake

Right after our re-supply we will climb all day. Luckily our re-supply is only for the next 5 days. Let's see whether we feel like fishing when we reach Duck Lake.

Plan for July 31 - Duck Lake to Fish Creek

Purple Lake and Lake Virgina will hopefully yield some trout on this shorter hike. 

Plan for August 1 - Fish Creek to Lake Edison

We hike over Silver Pass to Lake Edison. There is a ferry that leaves at 4:45 pm for the other side. If we feel like it we can take it and go to Vermilion Resort to shower and buy some supplies. We can even take a zero day because my hike plan uses only 22 of the 23 days we have.

Plan for August 2 - Lake Edison to Bear Creek

We start that day with a huge climb and will be happy that we didn't resupply at Vermilion Resort.

Plan for August 3 - Bear Creek to Muir Trail Ranch

We plan to cross Selden Pass and get to Muir Ranch for re-supplies.

Plan for August 4 - Muir Trail Ranch to McClure Meadow

Today we will carry our heaviest pack on the hike. We just resupplied for 11 days which adds 22 pounds each to our packs and will have a hard time to even get it all into our bear canisters. It will be a long 10 miles uphill with our full packs.

Plan for August 5 - McClure Meadow to Sapphire Lake

We will follow Evolution Creek all the way up to Sapphire Lake. This day will hopefully see many trouts.

Plan for August 6 - Sapphire Lake to Grouse Meadow

We will pass for the first time over 12,000 feet when we cross Muir Pass.

Plan for August 7 - Grouse Meadow to Palisade Lake

The day before we walked down into Le Conte Canyon. Now we have to climb out of it again.

Plan for August 8 - Palisade Lake t0 Bench Lake

For the second time we will be over 12,00 feet when we cross Mather Pass.

Plan for August 9 - Bench Lake to Woods Creek

The passes keep coming and after Mather Pass the day before we are now crossing over our third pass that is 12,000 feet high (Pinchot Pass).

Plan for August 10 - Woods Creek to Charlotte Lake

Crossing Glen Pass brings us the third day in a row very close to 12,000 feet.

Plan for August 11 - Charlotte Lake to Tyndell Creek

Forester Pass is even over 13,000 feet high. This will be a challenging day. The fourth day in a row with a pass.

Plan for August 12 - Tyndell Creek to Guitar Lake

We are getting closer to Mount Whitney. Guitar Lake will be our last stop before it. We will have to make sure we take enough water from here. This will be our last day of fishing on the trail. It will be interesting to see on how many days we were able to supplement our food with self supplied fish.

Plan for August 13 - Guitar Lake to Mt. Whitney

We will have been three weeks on the trail and finally we stand on the highest mountain of the continental US. How will it feel to know it is over in a day? Happy to get to a shower and real food? Sad that it is all over? We will see.

Plan for August 14 - Mt. Whitney to Whitney Portal

I will most likely eat the biggest burger you can buy and then fall into a food coma while my stepmom is driving us home. Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom about my plan to hike the JMT from July 24 to August 14/15, 2010.